Catchup is a two-player abstract board game played on a hexagonal board that was invented by Nicholas Bentley in 2011. This is the revised version of an old Catchup 1.0 game.


Catchup is played on a hexagonal board with five cells per side. Larger boards can be used for a deeper game.

Object of the Game

The winner of the game is the player with the largest group of stones when the game ends (group of stones is a set of same-colored stones touching each other). If the players’ largest groups are the same size, compare their second-largest groups, and so on, until you come to a pair which aren't the same size. Whoever owns the larger of the two wins.


The game begins with an empty board.

There are two players in the game: Catchup (red stones) and Wasabi (green stones).

On the first turn of the game,  Catchup must place 1 red stone in any empty cell. Then both players put 1 or 2 stones of their colors per turn in any empty cells of the board.

If the largest group of stones on the board after your turn is larger than the largest group of stones (of either color) before your turn, then your opponent may put up to 3 stones on his next turn (and only on his next turn).

The game ends when the board is full.

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